Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Random Thoughts

When you open a box of cereal, do you rip the bag all the away across, or just halfway?

Let's say it's not the day after Halloween, but just some random day. You're out walking your dog and see a nice piece of candy (Starbursts, e.g.). It's completely sealed. Do you eat it?

Is there a food that you detest but you're pretty sure most people love? For example, Chuck hates fish. Hates. But I think most people like it. I think I like liver, but I'm pretty sure most Americans hate it.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being totally inappropriate and 10 being totally appropriate), how appropriate is it for you and your significant other to wear a costume made up of: she wears a t-shirt with an electrical outlet on it and he wears a t-shirt with a plug. Does it depend on whether kids will see you? Is it ever appropriate for this?

A friend gave you a meal. In the meal was a small rock (the kind you use to decorate bottoms of vases). You're pretty sure (but not certain) it was a mistake because the friend knows you have a little one for whom this could be a choking hazard. Thankfully an adult found it and no harm done. Do you tell friend or not, because more than likely, it would mortify him/her?

Do you judge Mormon moms' ages by the number of kids she has? As in, "Well, she probably got married when she was 21, had her first kid at 23, and second at 25. Since the younger child is 1, she's probably 26." I know it's hard not to do, but I really dislike it. Probably because my age does not correspond with regular Mormon childbearing ages.

Why is Pinterest populated mostly by women? (Todd--I love how the only things you've pinned are root beers.) I wonder what Chuck would pin? Maybe I should create an account and start pinning for him.

Just for fun...


  1. hehe, great picture. :)

    1. i usually rip the bag half way. probably because it makes it better for when the kids pour their cereal.

    2. no, i don't think i'd eat it.

    3. i can't think of anything at the moment.

    4. 1. how embarrassing for them and everyone else who saw them! haha.

    5. no, i wouldn't say anything. i don't think it would be a big deal to say something, i just don't think it's necessary.

    6. i don't do that at all. maybe b/c the time my friends started having babies are so varied anyways.

    7. well pinterest seems way more feminine to me. how many guys browse the internet to find projects to do? i know there is more to pinterest than projects, but i just don't think too many guys organize like women do.

  2. Your random thoughts are just SO much better than mine! Wow!

    1. Halfway.
    2. I'd pick it up, look around to make sure no one was looking. Feel embarrassed. Put it in my purse. Eat it later.
    3. Seaweed! Nori - yum! Also. Dried squid.
    4. 8! This totally seems like something I would do for an adult party and that I would beg Marc to be a part of. And he would hate it. Actually, I don't think I could talk him into it. C'mon! It's not that bad!!!
    5. OMGosh. Was it me? Not that I can ever remember actually giving you meals, but if in the off-chance I did happen to, I can see this happening. It was me, wasn't it? Tell me!! I'd be mortified, but also, since we're close and you know that I wasn't trying to kill you, I'd laugh it off.
    6. I judge Mormon women's ages by their length and color of hair and vehicles. Oh, and the kids. ;) Blast! You just made me reveal how much I judge! I kid. I kid. Nah. I'm with you in that my age doesn't necessarily match typical Mormon-childbearing guesstimates, so I try to leave it open. Try.
    7. Theory #1: more women at home with 'time' to browse the internet. Theory #2: men are pinning but you just don't follow them? ;)

  3. AWESOME. Ollie is such a GOOD sport! ;)

    Ummmm.....I can possibly comment and answer all questions, it's been THAT kind of day here, BUT I can say the good news for me is MOST people think I am actually younger because of "mormon mom" age syndrome/effect, whatever....So I'll take it!!!!

  4. i try to do it half way. half way is better anyway.

    YES! eat the sealed candy for SURE!

    i dislike pretty much all mormon stereo\types.

  5. -I only open the cereal enough to get pouring out. I NEVER tear it all the way.

    -I wouldn't eat the candy but i'd want to.

    -As long as it is Halloween and it was to an adult party, I say the plug costume is fine. That may make me a bad person...but oh well.

    -No need to mention the rock. That is funny though.

    -Before kids I always judged women's ages by how long they have been married. Longer than me- older. Shorter than me- younger. I assume now that I have kids I'll do the same with the # of kids. Is it right? No but I still do it.

    -I have a Husband board on pinterest but no Zack doesn't use it. Don't know why it is such a "girl" thing!

  6. Erin, I plan on posting BBQ pics too, but ya know, it's tough...