Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween (I'm so original, I know, especially since this is the second time I used this title)

We made it more of a Halloween weekend, rather than just one day. It started with a Halloween party on Thursday night. Fun times were had by all.

After reading about bobbing for apples in one of our favorite Halloween books, Rhett was so excited to try it at the party. He was not as successful as Chuck. I did not try.

There was some pin the nose on the pumpkin...

And cookie decorating...(and eating, of course)

And even mummy-making...

...and mummy breaking.

The whole PacMan family.

Due to a storm that freakishly brought snow, we stayed in on Saturday. We carved pumpkins and make some batches of pumpkin seeds.

Argh. You can't see the snow coming down, but it was...for about a minute. Well, maybe 26 minutes.

We even got Ollie out in his first snow.

I had to add this. Ollie is really starting to watch us, especially Rhett. Here Ollie is straining to see his big bro.

On the way to Rhett's grandparents' house, we listened to some Halloween poems. One of those scares Rhett very much and this is how he deals.

Some of our friends have a much friendlier neighborhood so we went there. We'll go there next year. And the next. And the next. It was such a happy time to be trick-or-treating as most homeowners not only had on their lights but had done awesome decorations. Look at these fun kids! Sadly I cut off baby E's head at the top of the shot.

And the big one doing his thing. He led the pack and just had an awesome time. Ollie stayed in the stroller.

The loot. It is way better this year. The only odd ball candy was this "watermelon with chile:" too wacky to not try, but too wacky to keep in your mouth for too long. Strange.

And a Halloween video only family will watch in entirety; I'm okay with that.

See last year's post here. It's awesome how much Rhett has changed. Although I'm sad that he didn't demand chocolate again this year.

Happy November!


  1. We got to go trick or treating too! This was huge for us as not many people do it here! I'm glad you were able to avoid the snow though and actually get to go!
    Those quite kits are so cute and I wish I lived closer so I could participate. I also LOVED the Abby library bag! We use ours every Sunday and they are the greatest things ever! When you get a "spare" moment I would love to commission you to make ones for my girls! I would gladly pay you more this time too!

  2. I love it! And that last post is how I remember rhett. He Is getting so stinking grown up! Ollie to. Miss you guys so badly.

  3. oh man, that video is just great. you can tell rhett that i really loved his story. especially how he started it in a really spooky voice. can't wait to show all my kids it. :)

    fun pictures of the weekend, too. that party on thursday had some great activities! super fun.

    and you totally scored on your loot. amazing. glad you picked the perfect spot to go trick-or-treating!

  4. Rhett looks so energized and FREE after breaking out of the mummy toilet paper! And Ollie's craning neck and body are priceless in that pic. So glad that you guys enjoyed all your Halloween partying! And I love your family-unity in costuming. I gotta get that together one of these years!

  5. i agree the video is great. i love how chill ollie is. and the pics of the mummy are my favorite.

  6. Looks like a ton of fun!! Very impressive on the apple bobbing, Chuck!! The pacman idea is very clever. You guys look great!

  7. We watched the video! Pretty hilarious. For amoment, Madeleine was confused as to why Rhett wasn't talking to her. Loved his scary voice to tell the story at the end. And Ollie's contentedness. Just a smilin'! Cute!

  8. cute costumes! I keep trying to get my family to do an ensemble, but I think my window may have passed.