Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You Tell Me

I am horrible at saying whether my boys look like me or Chuck. Seriously, I still see neither of us in Rhett and he's quickly approaching four. I am also horrible at knowing whether the boys look like each other. I mean come on, Oliver's still a baby! He looks like a baby! Ollie does have Chuck's unequal-sized nostrils. But I don't think either boy inherited my unequal-sized eyes.

Anyway, maybe you can offer insight. What do you think? Here's Rhett as a baby...

...and here's Ollie just the other day.

Another pair of pictures. First, Rhett...

...and then Ollie.

One last one for kicks. Rhett..


A lot of people have said that my boys look like my father. Maybe that's because my dad just happens to look like a baby? (Kidding, Dad!)

Can I just add that this was one of my most favorite posts ever? I had so much fun picking pictures of Rhett that I wanted to duplicate with Ollie. I have TWO boys! How did this happen?!


  1. very cute pictures. i had totally forgotten what rhett looked like as a babe. i think they look rather different - i mean, comparing baby pictures there are going to be similarities, but all in all i think they are totally different looking. my family (kids and ben) always think ollie looks like derek. ???

    whoever they look like, they are extremely adorable kids.

    i don't think my boys look anything alike really. . .

  2. Well, what a fun post!

    What I can say with certainty by looking at these photos:
    1. You certainly look like you in both pics. Yup! You look like you! Years, even, after the first pic. Still you!
    2. Chuck has many a varied look.

    What I can say with some certainty:
    1. Different eyes and noses for your boys. Ollie's nose is more like yours - not the nostrils (you're right, more like Chuck) but the pointy tip. Love it!
    2. Rhett's eyes are larger and farther apart.
    3. Yes, thinking Ollie especially looks like your father.

    What else can I say with certainty?
    1. Them's some handsome offspring you got!

  3. Hey Erin,
    This is kelly ...I am Eileen's sister...(you gave me a ride to the airport after her baby shower) a belated congrats on the new addition to your family! Ollie is your twin! He looks just like you and Rhett looks a little more like Chuck.... and maybe a relative? LOVE YOUR BLOG!

  4. I love this post idea...I will be stealing it at some future date!

    I think the boys look different. I also think my boys look different, but I'm amazed at how many people tell me they look like twins.

    I can't figure out who Rhett looks like, but I think Ollie is all you! Either way, both boys are beyond darling!

  5. From day one, I've said that Ollie looks like you . And that baby picture of Rhett is the spitting image of Chuck. So, that's what I think. I think your kids look more like each of you than each other. Which is good because then you can tell their baby pictures apart :)

  6. THIS IS awesome. They look so similarly in some photos and completely differently in others. They look like yOU!