Monday, December 3, 2012

Date Night Topics

We had three dates in eight days. It's a Christmas miracle. We try to not talk about the kids all night long, but sometimes coming up with topics can be hard. This was one topic from last Thursday:

If you were to go back to college now to take the exact courses you did when you went the first time, do you think you'd get:
a) worse grades than the first time,
b) about the same grades, or
c) better grades?

Chuck thinks he'd do better. He's more mature (or so he thinks), he's experienced, and has been using those things he learned for 15 years. He thinks his brain is just better equipped to handle that kind of learning

I don't know about me. I think I'd cruise through the stats courses, struggle a bit through the math theory classes, and be bored to tears by nearly everything else. I mean, if I had to sit through Sociology 101 again, UGH.


  1. Oh! Love this! I think I would do about the same in my pre-med courses, better in my ethics & gender study courses (my major), and better in alll the other courses. I would be oppo-bored in all the other courses! Sociology 101 or Medical Anthropology or Women in Politics or Music Counterpoint and Theory!? Yes please! Take me back!

  2. i think having a family and going back to college would be super hard! so i don't think i'd do as well. i was able to really focus on my schooling and that was it. so yeah, pretty sure i wouldn't do so grand.

  3. that is a christmas miracle, GOOD FOR YOU guys! that is a tricky rule, "no kids condo." but I do really LIKE it. one time i printed an online game and marriage 'quiz' for us to take on our date night, REALLY romantic, but it was kinda fun. ;)

  4. i meant no kids convo....silly self correct.