Monday, December 10, 2012

This is What I'm Talking About

Two episodes of Parenthood (thanks to Roku).
One box of Cherry Heads.
One cherry Airhead.
One fun felt project that is now completed.

All of this brought to me by: Sarah's mom (who took Rhett for a playdate) and Ollie (who is napping like a champ). The nap was brought to Ollie by the quiet, Rhett-free house and the grey afternoon.

Oh I like today.

P.S. And when FHE includes these, I think I'll like tonight too.


  1. yay for a "like" day! we all need those. and extra bonus is you get a "like" night, too. suhweet.

    i'm making mom's corn-flake wreaths for our FHE. yay for both of us! those reindeer are super cute.

  2. Awesome! Some women are just saints.

    So glad that you got some time for you and you-things! Especially if that includes cherry!

  3. LOVE parenthood too!! Airheads, not so much!

  4. Parenthood! Also, have you been watching the Bachelor (i think sean is boring because he's just a nice, normal(ish) guy...), or Downton Abby?