Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Projects (including Christmas)

A felt nativity for a friend from church. Tutorial here.

Rhett's Christmas gift to Ollie because Ollie likes dogs, cheese, and bears.

I know it doesn't look like anything, but there are two tutus there.

Two felt crowns to go with the tutus.

A fort kit for two of my nephews. Tutorial here. I think the font for "Fort Kit" is my favorite thing about this gift.

A small sewing kit for a niece. Bag tutorial here (although I should never use this tutorial again because I think her measurements are really wrong).

Doll sleeping bag and pillow for a different niece. (Giftee got a matching pillowcase as well.) Regular pillowcase tutorial here.

A Mario 1-Up pillowcase for a nephew. Tutorial here.

Back of the pillowcase. Chuck and I both agree that it needs a little trademark symbol, but too late for that now.

Ballet bags for a friend's daughters.

Instead of Christmas pajamas, I like doing Christmas tees. Pilfered from here.

Yearly ornaments. Tutorial here.

Gifts for Rhett's teachers. Tutorial here.

Cool mustache shirts for my own boys. Just because.

And boys wearing shirts. Just because.


  1. You are an amazing crafting fiend!!!! Always so jealous of and impressed by you!!!

  2. Holy. Moly. Erin, you are incredible! And lucky for my kids that they get some of your incredible-ness. Seriously, you rock.

  3. Oh man I love it all! 1 up pillow case is stop cool.

  4. you are three would be ALL OVER the fort kits and tutu's and tiaras. AWESOME. Thanks for adding the links.

    Oh and back to the other question-----SeaWorld is WAY cool, and I'm DYING to take my boys (especially) to LegoLand, just trying to convince the hubby!

  5. wow. i can't believe you made all that!! it would take me a year to do all of it so congrats!! Everything looks awesome!!