Friday, December 28, 2012

Family Vacation Ideas

The bad news: We won't be going to Japan next year. Due to some health issues, my parents are leaving their mission a bit earlier than planned, which means we won't be able to meet them there. And if they're not there, well, we're not going.

The good news: We have a bit of money and some time to do something as an entire family! But what should we do? Planning a trip for adults is super easy. I have a lot of places I'd like to see (Iceland, Prague, New Zealand) but those seem better toured with older children, or none at all. Does anyone have any suggestions for fun places to take kids, especially kids of my kids' ages (1.5 and newly-5)? Please don't suggest Disney. I'm just not ready for that yet.

1) Not too many time zone crossings
2) March-weather friendly (so probably no visiting my brother in Alaska)
3) Things for kids and adults to do
4) Spring-break friendly (no crazy college kids)
5) Let's not break the bank, okay?

Things We're Considering: (but I'm open to ideas)
1) Repeat trip to St. Michaels
2) Janes Island State Park (renting a full-service cabin just in case March weather is more lion-y than lamb-y)
3) Local stay-cation at National Harbor
4) Cruise out of Baltimore to the Bahamas (but not sure how this works with little kids and 7 o'clock bedtimes and everyone in only one room...)

Anyone want to come with us? Or maybe we should meet somewhere? Or maybe we can just come crash at your house?

P.S. I like my boys.


  1. i like your boys, too.

    i have no idea. we're doing california - sea world and lego land. no disneyland - i'm sure my kids would love it, though. me and ben - not so much. the others we can handle. :)

    california is exciting to us since our kids have never seen a beach! yay!

    i think a cruise would be so hard with little kids - but that's just b/c of my fear of kids and drowning. . . otherwise it would be fun. maybe the kids could have a later bedtime on vacation - like 8pm?

    would florida be fun for you guys? staying at some beach house?

  2. p.s. you can crash here. :) not guarantee on march weather, though!

  3. So sorry. ;( i did wonder when I heard about your mom, what that meant for your trip plans. SAD on both accounts. Wishing and hoping for a SPEEDY FULL recovery, and a HAPPY HAPPY vacation!!!

    You said NO to Disney, but I really think you'd all LOVE it. It's like living the Christmas magic all over in a VERY commercial kind of way, but it is FUN. I'll keep thinking tho.......;)

  4. I was so sad to hear about your mom too :( and what a bummer that you won't be able to go to Japan.

    Your ideas sound fun to me! I don't really have any good ideas for you. Yep, I'm lame. But I'll think about it....

  5. What about glacier national park or Yellowstone and getting a cabin there? Or the start of the application trail in GA? Hilton head , North Carolina should be beautiful!!! Mini road trip or fly, Cabin, hike, stuff to do around there. OR fly down to Mexico?? OR not Disney but FL would be awesome that time of year. Collin is suggesting st Augustine. It's family friendly and romantic.
    Or make the most of great weather in phx!!! ;) see the Grand Canyon!