Friday, December 14, 2012

Things Rhett Says

Rhett: When do people go to college?
Me: Around 18.
Rhett: I'll go when I'm 19.
Me: What will you do until then? You'll graduate from high school at 18, so you'll have some time until 19.
Rhett: I'll sit around and be lazy and watch TV.

After tithing settlement...
Me: Isn't the bishop nice? Do you know what his job is?
Rhett: I don't know.
Me: He takes care of the ward.
Rhett: No, that's not his job. His job is to eat jelly beans.

In Primary...
Teacher: Rhett, don't you have a dog at home?
Rhett: No.
Teacher: Are you sure? I thought you had a dog.
Rhett: No.
Teacher: Do you have a pet?
Rhett: We have a pug.
Teacher: Well, isn't that a dog?
Rhett: No. A pug is a pug.

After we needle him more and more about the above conversation...
Rhett: You don't ask me any more questions about dogs. That's all you get. Now go away. Or else I will kick you out of this house.


  1. He's got a some big dreams and some spunk. That kid will do well. :D

  2. emmy just said, "Oh Rhett looks cute in that picture." :) he is so darn funny. that pug idea of his is hilarious. the reindeer cookies turned out fabulous!

  3. so great! that rhett just kills me. and oh man i could eat that ollie up, box and all. we loved your card by the way. your hair is so long, i can't remember the last time it was that long. are your folks doing okay after the earthquake? i just need to email you. okay bah