Friday, April 5, 2013

Everybody Works...

Remember a year ago (I'm sure you do), when I posted about our family motto? I'm happy to report it's still in full force, but now with the addendum of "...and then everybody plays!" When we explained this original motto to Rhett it seemed a bit depressing to a five-year-old without the addendum. But when we say, "Everybody works AND THEN everybody plays," there's more incentive to work. I think.

Right now we seem to have a good chore system going for Rhett (but I'm sure that will change in a couple of months). He has his morning and evening "chores" (which include things like brushing teeth, making bed, getting dressed, unloading dishes, putting away laundry) and when he completes them, he gets stickers on his chart. The chart starts new every Monday and ends Sunday night. Then at FHE we count the stickers. If he earns more than 100 (112 possible each week) he gets to choose a family outing or to have a late-night movie. If he earns more than 75, he gets to pick a dinner or FHE dessert for the following week, to go to a playground of his choice, or to have a playdate with a friend of his choice (something I am quite lazy about scheduling). And if he earns more than 50, he can pick 30 minutes on the computer, a McDonald's ice cream cone, or three new-to-us books. Yes, we have to remind him to do them and yes, he does whine a bit. But it's working. He's working.

Chuck and I are working too. Now that the evenings are lighter and (kinda) warmer, we actually feel motivated to do things around the house. So we brought back "No TV Mondays." This most-recent Monday night was spent bleaching our mildewed shower. It looks soooo much better. We have myriad things on our list: replace the black outlets downstairs with white ones, yard stuff, research retirement planning and our 10th anniversary trip, clean the area around Ollie's high chair (this could be a two-weeker). If feels good to accomplish things again!

P.S. New camera arrived last night. Hopefully I'll have pictures next week. Hopefully I won't dunk this camera in the salty bay.

P.P.S. Is "myriad" the new "plethora?"

P.P.P.S. Thanks so much for all the comments on Wednesday's "Things Rhett Said" post. I know that most of the time these things are funny only to parents. I put them on the blog mostly for my family and me; I would never remember them otherwise. However, it is nice to see that others think he's funny too.


  1. awesome - the "everyone plays" is great thinking.

    the chart seems cool! nice job.

    i haven't heard myriad too much - i still like plethora.

  2. love love love everything about this!! when did you start a chore list for Rhett? I think it's about that time for Libby. Love "No TV Mondays". We were thinking about starting "unplugged" times during the day.

  3. oooh.....I like this.......we all work and THEN we all play. I might just have to "steal" this motto of yours.