Friday, April 26, 2013

Product Testers Apply Within

A friend of mine owns a bike shop. She knows that I sew and has offered to sell some of my stuff. (With the caveats that the products be good enough and applicable to cyclists. Duh.) Seemingly unrelated (BUT NOT!) is the fact that I'm running a Ragnar Trail race this June. Since we'll need some sort of reflective gear for the night runs, someone (me? bike shop friend? running friend? I wish I remembered!) suggested a Miss America sash made from reflective fabric. I thought this sounded perfect; I'll take those two birds (Ragnar and bike shop gear) and kill them with one sash.

I tracked down some of the coolest reflective fabric you'll ever find and constructed, and tested, my first prototype last week. It was way too big and kept falling off my shoulders while running. Tuesday night: adjust; Wednesday morning: re-test. Better, but still not perfect.

So now I'm doubting myself. Will it ever work? Do you think this is cool? If you ran in the dark, would you wear this? How much would you pay for it? Any ideas for other cool reflective items? What would you name a Ragnar team of girls all wearing this? If I didn't use velcro, what could I use as a closure?

P.S. How awesome do I look sporting it? Why does my left arm look the exact same as my right, given I wear what-looks-like-a-20-pound watch while running? Aren't the azaleas going to be beautiful in a couple of days? Do you think the cicadas will kill me this summer? Do you think I'll ever get used to one space at the end of a sentence?

P.P.S. Yes, that is a super-short ponytail I'm wearing. Aren't short ponies the cutest?!


  1. Not being a runner, I cannot comment on the utility of the sash. But I can say: I love azaleas, bah-humbug on sicko cicadas, and you'll get used to one space - I have, and you look very champion and confident in your pose there.

    Also, it's funny how much you love the short ponytail. It is indeed adorable. But I have recently grown enough hair to have a long ponytail and I think it's awesome! It's so different from my regular, short ponytail. I feel like it gives me such a different look!

  2. okay, so i don't know if i'd wear a sash - i'm just not sure it would stay put? it's an adorable idea, but i don't know if it would be in the way.

    what about a cute headband - that has a big tie in the back - just to add more fabric and thus reflective power?

    a belt/sash?

    love short pony-tails! (but i still want to see a pic of your hair when it's down . . .)

  3. I ran a night time race and totally would have warn this....but it would be a novelty thing for me--not something I would wear all the time. I would love like...backpack straps without the back if that makes sense. But the headband is a great idea too. If it keeps falling, could you put a little elastic in it so that it kind of pulls tight?

    1. Something like this ( maybe?

  4. I love seeing pictures of you and you are looking skinny and great!! (As always!)
    I love the sash! It's cool! It's unique! It's simple!! And has a great purpose! Does it provide lots of reflection?