Monday, April 22, 2013

The Story Behind Our Dunk in the Chesapeake

Remember when I wrote about our camping trip to Janes Island? And I said that we went accidental swimming? I think I'm ready to tell the story. We started the outing just fine. Getting in the boats was easy. Rhett and I got in ours, and Chuck pushed us off the rubber kayak dock. Chuck and Ollie got in their boat, and Chuck easily pulled himself in with the ropes attacked to the dock. Easy.

But after our paddling, we weren't so sure about how to get out, especially since Ollie was sleeping. Chuck had a harder time than expected trying to pull the boat back up the dock, so he thought he'd step out of the boat.

Problem: The dock was a floating dock.
Problem: Chuck weighs more than a golf ball.
Problem: The dock started to sink. With Chuck on it.

What did Chuck do? He put Ollie on the (now slightly underwater) dock and then before we knew it, Ollie was getting wet (and waking up). So then Chuck grabbed my boat (which was close by), but then Rhett and I were pulled in. Of course Rhett was freaking out. Yes, we were wet. Yes, we were cold. But we weren't that wet, nor were we that cold.

Out of nowhere, a man (who looked middle-eastern) in a suit (like business suit, not swimming suit) arrives. He helps calm the boys while we make sure the boats don't sink. Once Chuck and I fish everything out of the water and can attend to the boys, we profusely thank the man and he promptly disappears. We get the boys back in our car, quickly return to the cabin, strip off all wet clothes (which was all clothes), and start drying off. We end up with no lingering illnesses, only one great memory. (Even now Rhett will sometimes say, "I still can't believe that happened to us!")

But that man. When I think of this story, I can't help but wonder what in the world this man, whose descent I note only because there just weren't that many people from the middle east where we were. Especially at a state park. In cold March. Wearing a suit. I mean, really. Could we have survived this incident without him? Yes. But did he help us tremendously? Yes. I'm convinced he was one of the three Nephites. (Not really, but kind of. Just a little bit.)

So that's it. Our only casualty, as previously noted, was the camera. And really, since no one was hurt, and we didn't lose a kayak, it is truly is a fun, happy family memory.


  1. Seriously made me laugh....he probably is one of the 3 nephites. I love it.

    Although as you state, it is interesting to wonder about what he was doing there? Tender mercies. ;)

  2. love the story - but only because everything and everyone turned out okay!

    i totally thought "one of the 3 nephites" before i even saw your comment. :) slightly in jest, but perhaps not!? so random and awesome.

    it will be a grand memory for many years. :)

  3. Wow!!!!!! What a story! He must have been angel.