Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Things Rhett Says

As we're walking in Sam's Club, we pass the Snuggle brand detergent, something I have never bought...
Rhett: That costs less than the leading brand!

Me: Just you wait. Someday you'll want to sleep in late and I will wake you up at 5:30 to get back at you.
Rhett: You'll be dead by then.

Rhett insists that he will marry his dear friend Madeleine. Normally I fight my desire to be realistic, but the other day I just couldn't. I promise that neither Madeleine's mom nor I encourage this "relationship." While adorble, we do recognize that they're just five.
Rhett: What comes after second grade?
Me: Third, fourth,..., twelfth grade. Then a mission, college, marriage, and children.
Rhett: Really?! I am most excited for marriage and kids. I am definitely going to marry Madeleine.
Me: Some day you'll be older and will have met many other girls and women. And Madeleine will have met many other boys and men. And maybe, just maybe, she'll love one of them more than she loves you.
Rhett: [Moment of silence.] That is impossible.

While in the car, Rhett was playing with one of his new toys awarded at the dentist's office.
Rhett: Ollie do you want to play with this toy?
Ollie: Eh eh. [Translation: YES! It's a sound not unlike the revving of a car. I can't quite figure out how to spell it.]
Rhett: Well, if you had come out of mom's belly first then you would be older and you could play with the toy.

Overheard from the boys' room at 6:45 a.m.
Rhett: We let dad sleep in long enough. Let's go wake him up.

In a recent prayer...
Rhett: Please bless Ollie that he won't be destructo.


  1. I am rolling with laughter! This kid. Seriously, this beats anything out of M's mouth. He sure is certain of himself! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it. He is adorable. And smart. Thanks for making my morning great!

  2. So funny! I can never remember what Traci says. I need to start gathering quotes! Also, the one about the toy and the dentist's office cracks me up.

  3. Thanks for the laugh, I needed that today. He just kills me.

  4. man, these just get better and better. that kid! terribly funny and too smart. :)

  5. Imagining these being said in Rhett's cute little voice makes it even funnier. I love that kid :)

  6. Ok hilarious!! So so funny! I love that he knew about "leading brands"!! LOL! Also loved the "you'll be dead by then" comment! Thoroughly enjoyed these!

  7. OMGOSH.......he is too funny! I am SOOOO glad you write these down. They are WAY too good not to share.

    I know, Galbraith friends, not family.....CraZy. If you lived by them you could be friends too, I'm sure of it. AND guess what his dad's name is ???Bruce Galbraith. SO IRONIC. ;)

  8. I had to try and stifle my laughing because I was reading this in bed next Jon while he was sleeping. I'm sure if I was drinking milk it would have come out my nose. So funny!