Monday, April 8, 2013


This week was lovely. We got back to our semi-regular routines, got the new camera, and maybe spring has decided to come after all. I'm pretty happy.

We took out the camera Saturday morning when we went to see the planes take off at Gravelly Point. It's much cooler to be there when they're landing, but the wind wasn't going our way. That's okay. Ollie still enjoyed it and Rhett still thought it was too loud. We stopped by Roosevelt Island on the way back. The boys even got in the sandbox while Chuck and I cooked dinner. If not for Rhett complaining and disobeying nearly the entire day weekend, it would have been perfect. Saturday night I was already bummed at how the weekend was already nearly over. Curse you, Sunday-night-blues-creep!

And just in case you missed the picture of Ollie in his ties on Facebook, here's another. Seriously. This kid. What a hoot. Do you know that if we leave him to sleep with socks still on his feet, he'll invariably awake with one sock on his right hand/arm? Yep.

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  1. great pictures of an almost perfect weekend. that ollie. so adorable.