Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Beautiful Sunday

As Easter Sunday was conference, we waited until the next Sunday to wear the Easter ties. I bribed the boys for pictures, but feel pretty good about that. After church we went to some local gardens and walked around. It was packed, but we still had a lovely day. So happy spring finally decided to come. Now hurry up fall! Haha. Kidding. Mostly.

I picked out these pants for Ollie but when he put them on, we realized they were about three inches too short. So I cut them into shorts because DUH. Boys in little Easter shorts are adorable, right?! After a big fight, Ollie finally kept them on. Seriously. I only intervene with clothing on Sunday. Just give me this one, kid.


  1. Sounds and looks just practically perfect. I love the shorts. Really, I do. I love the shorts-with-church-shirt look. Too bad Ben doesn't . . .

    Those pictures are definitely keepers - oh, the kids are probably, too. Super cute.

  2. Looks like spring has been good in MD! Love church shorts!!! Ollie is looking WAY TOO OLD in these pics! New haircut?