Friday, April 10, 2015

New (To Us) Car

Remember how we bought a new-to-us car not even two years ago? Looks like I didn't post what we actually got, but we ended up with a Honda CR-V. It's been great. My only complaint is that it doesn't tell me the outdoor temperature. I thought all cars did that nowadays. Anyway, it's been good. We planned on having it a long time. But we didn't plan on my parents going on another mission. We didn't plan on them asking us if we wanted to buy their RAV4 as they don't want to store both cars while gone. And we certainly didn't plan on saying yes. But they are. They did. And we did.

Luckily, my parents are scheduled to come out next week so my dad is going to forgo the outbound flight to drive our new car to us. Why buy this car when the Honda is serving us well? Both cars (our CR-V and their RAV4) are the same age. They have nearly the same mileage (until my dad drives it across the country, that is). They're the same size. They are pretty much the same car. Except. My parents bought all the amenities, while we did not. Besides the obvious stuff (e.g., leather seats, temperature gauge!), the big deal is the car's towing capacity. Because some day, I just might be brave enough (dumb enough?) to buy a camping trailer.


  1. Funny how they are so similar! But it sounds like a great deal and now you will just HAVE to get a trailer. :)

  2. Woot woot! New wheels with all the tricks!

    And I'm with Emily... you HAVE to get the trailer now!

  3. It’s good that you have settled on that Honda CR-V. And it seems to be serving you well. That said, it shouldn't stop you from wanting to get another vehicle, especially if the opportunity presents itself. If you can find some use for both vehicles, then I say it would be worth pursuing. Anyway, thanks for sharing! Drive safe!

    Damon Sherman @ Butler Auto Hyundai

  4. The Honda CR-V is a wise choice. As you've said, its service is pretty well, except for it not being able to tell you the outdoor temperature. Hahaha! Anyway, if ever you'll buy a camping trailer, make sure that its engine is perfectly running. You know, bigger cars are bigger loads. In any way, thanks for sharing that! All the best!

    Diane Wilson @ Fletcher Chrysler