Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Conference Weekend

I didn't realize until very late that Chuck didn't have work last Friday nor Monday. Bonus because I had a bunch of errands just waiting for us to tackle. We got all but one done, so not bad. Here was the list (with some notes):
  • BounceU
  • Grocery shop
  • Drop off my bike for repairs (and in only six weeks it'll be done...groan)
  • Movie night with friends (The Wizard of Oz! The boys were only a little bit afraid)
  • Long run (made longer by math embarrassing)
  • Update chore chart (like clockwork, the tweaking of the chore chart)
  • Check bike rack (it works!)
  • Make a vest for Ollie (more on this later)
  • Make a baby gift for Rhett's teacher (well, got one part done)
  • Hair cuts for the boys (poor Rhett hates how short his bangs are)
  • Teach Rhett how to tie his shoes (the one failure)
  • Get rid of junk in the attic (donated to our local pool's garage sale)
  • Make cinnamon rolls for Sunday morning (oh man, I don't believe a bad cinnamon roll has ever been made)
  • Get Easter ready (yes, those hidden eggs were empty...but so was the TOMB, so there)
  • Watch lots of conference
  • Take Rhett to a doctor's appointment
  • Go to Carmax (more on this later)
  • Zoo (us and half a million others...groan)
  • Play outside as much as possible (playground! walks! more walks and more playgrounds!)
Obviously it was busy, but I feel so good to have so much stuff done.

P.S. I will never eat another root beer float as I have been introduced to its far superior cousin, the orange soda float. Our whole family was converted. Sorry root beer, you're out.


  1. love the pictures! holy moly, you did a ton! sheesh, i need to take a nap after just reading all you did.

    orange soda float . . . sounds creamy and dreamy. we'll just have to try it in the Hubands honor.

    emmy tied her shoes today - both of them! wahoo. good luck to you and rhett.

  2. super productive! wow!

    and i don't know... i love dole floats (pineapple) but root beer replacement??? you'll have to convince me...