Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What I Fed My Parents

For me, the biggest stress about having visitors is deciding what to feed them. If I was a normal person, this probably wouldn't be a big deal. I'd just serve the pre-planned dinner that is well-balanced and full of side dishes. But this is me I'm writing about it. It ain't that easy. Thank goodness my parents are easy! Or maybe they're just good fakers. Ha. Anyway, we all (at least, I) ate well. Proof:

Thursday: Baked potato soup. I know it seems simple, but it's so good.

Friday: Tacos with black beans and rice (count them: TWO side dishes). We tried some version of Cafe Rio's cilantro-lime rice, but I know it can be better. Does anyone have a recipe they like?

Saturday: We had lunch at Good Stuff Eatery downtown and were pretty much still full at dinner. We ordered five shakes: roasted marshmallow, strawberry, cookies and cream, cherry, and the salted caramel. Thank goodness for my nine-mile run that morning.

Sunday: Chicken cordon bleu (from the Our Best Bites cookbook) and green beans wrapped in bacon. You know the green beans are good if they get my mom cooking (which she did the Sunday after they got home).

Monday: KFC and Taco Bell. Ha. We were headed to the film festival and needed something quick and easy.

Tuesday: These yummy pretzel hot dogs and this pistachio "salad." (I love calling things like this "salad." Oh, and my mom added cottage cheese. You know, to make it healthy.) Those pretzels are just so fun to eat.

Wednesday: For our last night, my parents graciously treated us to a dinner at Matchbox. I convinced them to try the fruit pizza for dessert. This is not your Relief-Society-function fruit pizza, mind you. It's made on a thin pizza crust and topped with mascarpone and berries. Then it's drizzled with balsamic vinegar. I'm pretty sure any homemade attempt would fail miserably. I'm also pretty sure I could have used another nine-mile run that morning.


  1. You're not the only one. It IS stressful feeding guests! But it looks like you knocked it out of the park. Hey, hey... iron chef BBQ edition... wanna bring those pretzel hot dogs? They look so good and I wanna try but will never make my own bread/pretzels!

  2. I TOTALLY stress out over what to feed our parents! Part of the stress is making sure there is enough for everyone and still staying within our food budget. Also my dad has dietary restrictions and personal preferences (no onions, peppers, or anything flavorful/ spicy!). My parents think we eat super weird/healthy. As for my in-laws, I'm always nervous how it will turn out or if it's "healthy enough" for them. My MIL also often comes with recipes she's been wanting to try and they often want to go to the store and buy their own random stuff.

  3. sounds great! it's fun to dinner-plan for guests, but, yes, also stressful. sounds like mom and dad were spoiled by some good food.

  4. I HATE feeding guests. Part of the problem is I never know for sure what our plans are and whether or not someone is just going to up and decide to take us to dinner one night, leaving me with a bunch of food that doesn't get eaten. And then, with my mother-in-law I never know what to do because she always wants to go to the grocery store and buy her own stuff. I hate making plans and then having the food wasted because someone wants to do something different! Your menu sounds great. (I've also had a hard time replicating the cilantro-lime rice. Haven't found a recipe yet that is good enough.)