Monday, April 20, 2015

I HATE Nature

Obviously I don't hate nature. But obviously I love the Goonies and think of that quote quite frequently. In fact, I've probably even used this for another blog post title. Anyway, I had a super good nature day recently. I was out for a run along my local creek when I saw a heron that is often found there. So I stopped to watch it for a bit. At some point, it started to crouch down and I thought it was going to take off. BUT NO! Its head darted right into the water and came up with a fish! A six-inch (or so) fish! It killed it (strangulation maybe?) and then swallowed it whole. Awesome, right? But even awesomer was that just right after that, it did it again. I saw it do this twice. It was so very cool.

Then later that day the whole family went to some gardens and saw about a billion frogs. And we heard about a billion frogs. And we got a picture of them making their noise with their thingy all puffed. See how much I know about frogs? TONS.


  1. Why are frogs so cool? I mean, as an adult I still think they are. Great picture.

    That is super awesome about the heron! Amazing.