Friday, January 8, 2016

Christmas Break

Seeing as though I'm a better mom outside of the house than in, I knew that we'd have to get out of the house every day (if even for a tiny bit) during Christmas break. So we did. Monday was zoo lights, Tuesday the boys saw a movie in a theatre, Wednesday we went to a small aviation museum, Thursday the boys went to BounceU, Friday we just stayed at home and destroyed our gingerbread houses (see below), and Saturday we went swimming (which was Rhett's favorite activity of the week). I really think it was the perfect mix of at-home-lazy and getting-out-and-doing something. We watched a movie almost every day, and the boys played some video games, as well as with their new toys. Certainly I was ready for school, but I wasn't dying. Or dead. Phew.


  1. Sounds like a great break with a perfect mix of out and in.

    So do your boys eat their houses? Or just destroy them?

  2. Well planned, well planned! I need to do this for our Spring Break since Marc is working and we can't afford to go anywhere.