Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Here we go. Our first real snowstorm of the season, which is only our second snow of the entire winter. (The first was some lame flakes that briefly fell Sunday.) But this one is for reals. The hype is building like crazy, as is my anxiety. Thank goodness for my handy-dandy list. The only thing we need to add to it is to bring the shovels in from the shed. And this year? We have four shovels. That's right: the boys have their own and will be expected to help earn that hot chocolate.

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  1. So is it snowing yet?! Are the kids (and Chuck) out of school?! I think they'll love shoveling . . . especially if there is hot chocolate at the end. Do you do snow and maple syrup? My kids LOVE that. I think the Pattons taught us that . . .