Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snowzilla, Part 3

There was a reason I was feeling so anxious about this storm: shoveling a lot of snow is the WORST. And especially when (1) there's so much and (2) you run out of places to put it. It's ridiculous. However, once it was cleared, I could kind of enjoy it. Don't go crazy thinking we've seen a plow and can get out. Because we haven't and we can't. We don't expect to see a plow for a couple of days and schools are already cancelled Tuesday (Monday is a teacher workday so kids were already out).

But we're holding up inside just fine. We made some delicious whole wheat bread on Saturday (even using the wheat grinder and the Bosch--serious business). Sunday morning I made some coffee cake. Monday I want to do cinnamon rolls. Don't worry: I'm more than burning those calories. I can't even stress enough how much shoveling we've done. (In our house, it's not a man job, like lawn mowing. We both shovel.) And tomorrow, since I can't run, I'm going to take a snowshoe hike on the trail. I can't wait to see it all snowy!

I had all these plans for getting stuff done while being housebound, but not one has happened. Mostly because we're (1) outside shoveling, (2) outside playing, or (3) inside recovering from (1) and (2).

I can't resist this kid.

Job well done, us.

Snow shadow selfie.

Moving was just so slow with that much snow. Kids really struggle! Thank goodness I could tamp is all down with my snowshoes.

I love the shape of the snow on the roof. I also love this kid.

Rhett is in the middle of our street. OUR STREET, PEOPLE.

The hill that grew in the backyard.

What good is a bunch of snow if it's not made into a cave or a tunnel? No good, I tell you. And as I type, he's still out there working on it. Man, I love the increased stamina in older kids!

Posting early so my parents can read before they leave for Belgium. Oh their hard life.


  1. Great description and photos, Erin. Regardless of the hardship(s) snow causes, it is never-the-less always beautiful. Thanks for the "early" post; we'll be on our way to Brussels in a few hours (4 hour drive from Frankfurt).

  2. Wow, what fabulous photos! What a storm! Super crazy. That snow cave makes it all worth it, right?! It's so cool.

    I love that you're going out snowshoeing - right from your front door. How cool is that? Enjoy it! You might as well b/c from the looks of it, it's there to stay a while. :)

  3. I echo the increased stamina of older kids being the KEY to winter happiness for parents. And the snow tunnel/cave is awesome! Madeleine was mightily impressed!