Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas Day

As noted, we had a lovely Christmas. Sure, I could have slept an extra hour (the boys woke up at 5:30), but as Chuck and I were trying to embrace the season, we let the boys get us up then. It was Christmas morning, after all. We managed to drag out gift opening for two hours. After that I was able to go for a (memorable, but you'll have to ask me about it) run and then we just spent the day lazing around the house. It's kind of awesome that I have two boys who love playing video games with their dad because it means that I get ignored. And I'm happy to be ignored for a bit. And then, like last year, we hosted Chuck's brother and sister-in-law and their two girls for our Feliz Navidad celebration (taco dinner). It was a low-key, nice day. A lot like Christmas of '14, unsurprisingly.

Gift highlights for Rhett: vest, mini figures, kindle, hexbug game, hexbug shark, Skylanders

Gift highlights for Ollie: magformers, light-up shoes, pop gun, new stuffed pig, kindle, pig popper, legos, hexbug shark, Skylanders

Chuck and I didn't do much for each other, which is fine for both of us. There was not much I needed nor wanted. We do, however, have some money leftover in the Christmas budget, so maybe we'll get something fun. Only 354 until next Christmas!


  1. i love everything in this post! it looks and sounded quite dreamy . . . nice job.

  2. I agree....dreamy.....especially that last one. SUPER cute.