Monday, January 4, 2016

December Wrap-Up

In a talk last month, our Bishop (who was recently called as Stake President) encouraged us this Christmas season to "Stop, drop, and roll." I can't quite remember what each was supposed to represent, but the general idea was to stop the Christmas insanity. And truly, I think this was a December in which we did. I had most of the shopping done by Thanksgiving (and wrapping was done a week or so later), Christmas cards were mailed kinda early, homemade gifts were done before December started, and activities were reasonable. I really enjoyed the entire month and was able to remain calm and enjoy the season with all my boys. We do an activity advent, but even those were reasonable and (GASP!) even sometimes enjoyable! It really was a wonderful month. Temperatures in the 50s, 60s, and 70s contributed. We bought slurpees on Christmas Eve because it was 70 degrees. C'mon: how many Christmases can you appropriately enjoy a slurpee if you live north of the 40th parallel?

Oh, the "roll" of "stop, drop, and roll" I think was to roll with the punches. You know, just go with it. I really tried to embrace that this Christmas, especially in the week after Christmas. You want to eat nothing but cookies all day? Alright. It's Christmas. You want to watch a movie every day during Christmas break? Sure. It was really hard for me, but it really was a great break.

Kids make the ugliest cookies. I think I cleaned up a quarter cup of sprinkles from off the counter.

Our annual "red and green" dinner, which usually turns out to be a "pink and green" dinner. But we try.

A fun drive to a private house who puts on this crazy display of lights.

A wet trip downtown to see the Capitol tree, you know, the one that came from my brother's neighborhood. (And I use neighborhood loosely when talking about Alaska.)

Botanic Gardens.

A Christmas Eve Eve sleepover in front of the tree. Seriously nothing cuter than sleeping kids, especially when they sleep in the same bed.

Making gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve.


  1. I am glad you had a good Christmas and got to relax a bit more, but still do the things that are meaningful to you. I stressed a lot less this year too, even with 7 extra people in our house.

  2. haha, "kids make the ugliest cookies." so funny and kind of true, too . . . :)

    i love all your insights and pictures. less is usually more, right?!

    you've probably done pesto pizza for "red and green" night, right? i'm making pesto pizza for us tonight - topped with tomatoes . . . and it just reminded me of your special dinner. if you haven't done it, you should. :)

  3. Love the stop, drop, and roll! We miss you, miss DC, miss the Bishop, miss hanging out with you, miss your take on life... MISS YOU.