Monday, June 10, 2013

Ragnar Wrap-Up in Pictures

Because I'm already bored of telling the story, this will be short. Plus, my arms are killing me and holding them up to type is proving quite hard.

We arrived at camp shortly after 11 a.m. on Friday, which is the same time the rain began. Our first runner headed out promptly at 1:30 p.m. and came back shortly after 2, but that is, sadly, not when the rain left. I'm not sure it left even before dark. And when you're running a Ragnar Trail race, well, rain + dirt = MUD. And a LOT of rain + a LOT of dirt = a LOT of mud. But for 16 miles (split into a 3.6- and two 6.2-mile runs), we each ran in it. Through the dark of night, through the rock scrambling, and mud slides, we ran. For 22.5 hours somebody was running.

As soon as it was done I could finally say (and mean), "That was fun!" But not until then.

Sharon, runner 2, finishing her first leg.

Hanging out while runner 3, Angela, was out.

This was the route between the race village and our tent. We had no sun until the hour we left. Of course.

After my first (and worst) leg. I cannot even convey the amount of mud.

Chilling in the tent that ended up lake-like with all the water.

See all the clothes that we're hoping will dry?

Right before our last leg.

The mud. The evil, evil mud.

Kim, our awesome back-up runner, finishing her last leg.

Jennifer finishing one of hers.

At the very end. So tough.


  1. well it does look like a super fun, yet super hard, experience! i mean, it would have been super hard without all that mud! so crazy. did you sleep at all? you gals all look super tough and awesome, though. nice job!

  2. What a MESS. I might have bailed, I HATE rain and I'm not a HUGE fan of mud either. AWESOME for you and your team and at least when it was all said and done you could say it was FUN. I'm sure you'll be back and have great laughs over the year of the MUD.

  3. What an experience. So fun for you all to do it together!