Friday, February 22, 2013

Find Yourself on Google Maps (Street View): A Tutorial

How to find yourself on Google maps (Street View): A Quick Tutorial.

1. Take a walk with your family.

2. See the Google car drive by and freak out about how awesome it is.

3. Remember where you were for future reference.

4. Check the internet a couple of times a month until they post it. Be patient; it may take nine months (ours did). Voila! There you are!

Easy, no?

P.S. It's pretty hard to miss this, although I don't think ours was self-driving like this one. Nor was ours in such a beautiful location. I want to go there.


  1. haha, awesome. 9 months! so crazy! i've never seen a google van. maybe someday!

  2. Wait...there are self driving cars???

    1. yes! :O
      You don't know about them? :D