Friday, February 8, 2013

Things Rhett Says: Tantrum Edition

Rhett Rhett Rhett. When will you grow out of tantrums? I'm really embarrassed that you still have them with the frequency and intensity you do. I only admit to what's in this post because it's just too funny to not share. Please imagine Rhett screaming these, because that's exactly how they're delivered.

While on a walk after a rainstorm. Please imagine his whole body collapsing and arms flailing. It was a dramatic moment...
I HATE this. I HATE worms. I HATE hiking in the rain. I HATE today.

While mad at the punishment I enacted, thinking Chuck would dole differently...
I want Dad. I want Dad. I don't just want Dad, I need Dad. I want and need Dad.

While complaining about having to eat a vitamin...
I HATE that vitamins are even real!

P.S. Any recommendations (other than an iPhone or the one on your regular camera) for a video camera? I'm not sure we won't just use the one on our camera, but thought I'd do some product research first.

P.P.S. This is yet another failed attempt to keep Ollie busy. But a success at keeping Rhett busy.

1 comment:

  1. man, he's just too funny - even when mad. :)

    emmy still throws tantrums, too. her's are the more stomp-her-feet- and glare ones. even at church!

    i did the pipe-cleaner thing with lucy this week, too. it didn't sustain her for too long. i think it's a cool idea! it looks great on rhett. :)