Friday, February 15, 2013

Running Update

Running has been a big part of my life this year. First, there is the New Year's Resolution to do the Montgomery County Road Runners Championship Series. So far I've only done the one race, but the rest are still on my radar. The next is not until Memorial Day (others are/were Sunday races), but I'm ready! Actually I'm not because that race is always really humid and goes steeply uphill for the last half mile. Lame.

Second, I'm training for the Rock 'n' Roll National Half-Marathon on March 16th. I found a few other women who are also running and we been doing our long runs together. It's amazing how easy nine miles are when you're just chatting the whole time. Yes, we've had some lip-freezing runs, but they're always enjoyable. Ten miles tomorrow? Bring it.

In conjunction with the half-marathon training, we've also added a nighttime interval track workout. Uh, hello!? This has been awesome. In a small way it's because I get to use my Garmin in a new way, but in a much larger way it's because I enjoy these women.

Third, because we all seem to enjoy each other so much, we thought, "Why not make a weekend out of it?!" So that's what we did. We're going to do the Ragnar Trail Race in West Virginia in early June. Awesome, right? Right. Any good ideas on our team name and/or costumes? Chuck's idea was to be the "Church Ladies." I'm thinking running with a wig would be painfully itchy, but also pretty dang funny.

Other than our night workouts, I've been logging all my miles in the mornings, which is new. The boys just kept fighting in the stroller and every quarter mile I'd have to stop and break up fights. (The best is when Ollie just puts his arm in front of Rhett's face. He doesn't touch him, just puts it there. Sometimes I can convince Rhett to laugh, but most of the time he just gets mad.) So I've been getting up and out before 6:00 a.m. and have really enjoyed this. Let's just hope it warms up a bit soon. Come on groundhog!

And because all posts are better with pictures, here's a shot of me finishing last year's half-marathon in St. Michaels. Oh, I miss sunglasses.


  1. i'm so jealous - you've got a perfect running set-up: friends to do it with and super cool races to do! you're so lucky!

    is it light at 6am, or do you just run in the dark?

  2. You're awesome! The friend support has really got to be the kicker. So good!

    And for Ragnar is everyone from church? Can't wait to hear more about it! I'm already brainstorming team names for ya.

  3. The church ladies!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!
    You are awesome.

  4. CUTE running skirt!n I really WANT to run, but I don't.....I just don't like running! ;(