Friday, February 1, 2013

This + That

My sister gave Rhett this adorable book and it inspired me to see some of my own life's little equations. (Apologies in advance about the theme. It just emerged on its own.)

Yummy baked potato soup + Rhett eating it happily = Miracle

Chuck + sneeze = house shaking

Little kids + late night ≠ sleeping in, but

Little kids + flu = sleeping in (but it's not worth it)

Washed (and dried!) hair, make-up, new clothes + coming down the the flu = big waste of effort

The entire sick family + 65-degree weather = even bigger waste

The entire family + flu = horrible, just horrible

Creamsicle cookies + FHE = perfect dessert

And one final one, how does Montgomery County Public Schools + [see picture below] ≠ schools cancelled (or at least a delay)?! Seriously. I want Chuck home.

1 comment:

  1. i love how the mathness just radiates out of you. it's awesome! :)

    sorry everyone is sick but just think how'll happy and grateful you'll be when everyone is well!