Monday, February 18, 2013

Life's Little Victories

You know how sometimes, things just work out perfectly? I've had a couple of these happen to me recently and I dubbed them my "life's little victories."

First, a couple of weeks ago, I was looking for plane tickets for a family reunion this summer. We could fly into Vegas or Salt Lake, but when I found tickets for $140 ROUND-TRIP to Vegas, uh, guess which city we chose? I mean, seriously. We even splurged and bought Ollie a ticket even though he'll only be 22 months old. Victory!

Second, did you happen to notice my hair when we went to the aquarium? No? Go take a look; I'll wait. Okay. That sock bun? Perfection. On my first try. Victory!

Finally, hand apple pies. I made these for Valentine's Day because I didn't want to do an entire doubled-crusted pie. They were awesome. Because they're small, the crust-to-filling ratio is larger, which is a good thing for me because I LOVE my crust. And gooder still, I didn't use all my crust so I got to eat some with cinnamon and sugar on it.  And the goodest news? They freeze so you can eat more later. You know, when you really need them. Like, say, after a crazy-tiring Saturday when the kids are asleep. Yeah, they taste really good then. Victory!


  1. those plane ticket fares are just amazing. so lucky you found them!

    the sock bun is perfect! it looks great on ya!

    awesome on so many levels with the hand apple pies. :)

  2. Amazing. Ticket and sock bun in particular. And the apple pies? YOU DESERVED IT. Big time.

    And I know you're trying to disguise it, but this is no more than a "things/blessings I'm thankful for" post. Masquerade all you want... ;)

  3. Yahoo awesome! Wow those plane tickets!!!!!!! K, when are they for? We are going up to Provo at some point this late summer to visit my sis in law after she has her baby and in sept we will be in st George. Even though you'll be at a fan reunion could we plan a meet up somewhere??
    Love your sock bun!!

  4. $140 are you serious?? When and what airline? I just paid $300+ and thought that was a good deal...