Friday, March 22, 2013

Rhett's Birthday/Birthweek

I just have the most imaginative post titles ever, right? Anyway, after many celebrations I think he's officially five. FIVE. Wednesday night I even started kindergarten paperwork. Nuts, I tell you, just nuts.

Among other things he got these boxing gloves with matching punching bag.

Keeping with Ollie's rainbow cupcakes of last year, I did this. It also worked since this dinner was on St. Patrick's Day.

This recorder was loved by many, including a certain grandpa and uncle and especially an Ollie. (start sarcasm font) This is not an annoying gift at all, Mom and Dad! (end sarcasm font)I really do like it, actually. And Ollie, clearly, loves it.

A goodbye picture before they head off to a (much) warmer clime. ( it freezing where you are because DANG. I'm cold. And it's the end of March.)

Rhett playing with his gift from us. Have you seen this toy? It's so cool. Even Chuck and I can entertain ourselves with it.

And of course Ollie wants a piece of the action. I'm so afraid he's going to either (1) eat the instruments or (2) throw them somewhere we'll never find them again.

Finally, marked our height against the wall. The boy's agrowin'!

Kindergarten. I have to keep saying it. It still seems unreal.


  1. Happy Birthday to Rhett! By the way, it is snowing here today.

  2. What??!!! Kindergarten??? How? Happy happy happy birthday Rhett!! You're five! You're old! Love that cake so much. Im going to copy it some day. And loooove your yellow sweater and necklace and your cute face.

  3. i love his cake - it's like perfect. the gloves are awesome. your outfits look sooooo good on you! can't wait to see a video of rhett and his music-making thing. we have recorders here, too. lots of "hot-cross buns" going on. fun times!

    5. just crazy. kindergarten. even crazier.

  4. The cake is perfect. the five is meticulous. AWESOME toy. I remember my friend buying a "fife" on a vacation and I literally threatening to "throw it out the window" I feel your pain/joy! ;)

    Kindergarten is ridiculous, but just wait, it happens ALL TOO FAST.

    Happy belated birthday Rhett!

    I'm still cold here too, BTW.