Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The (not very new) Boys' Room

About a month ago we got bunk beds. It was a bit sooner than we originally planned, but a friend needed the crib and we just knew Ollie was about to climb out anyway, so we did it.

The bed covered some of the wall decor in the room, something that started really bugging me last Friday night as we're about to put the boys to bed. What to do? Rearrange right then, of course! So we did. It ended up not being big changes, but enough to make it work. And since this picture was taken, the Scrabble names have been taken down. I'm heartbroken, but we have no real other place for them. I'll get over it.

So how are the boys doing with the bed? Rhett gets an A+. He stays in the bed once we put him down (something he wasn't doing so well before the crib) and he's happy up there. He makes his bed in the mornings and just loves being in it. Ollie, well, take a guess. He gets a C-. Because he's basically oppo-Rhett, I should have guessed that he wouldn't stay in a non-crib. And he doesn't. He gets out, throws around Rhett's socks, tosses his own clothes, and gets into the Vaseline and spreads it on whatever he can find. (Yes, we've since learned he's not to be trusted with Vaseline.) But otherwise, we're still working on the adjustment.

And now I can smile again when I walk in the room. Unless it's covered in Vaseline.

Totally-unrelated P.S. After introducing Rhett to Cake's version of "Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps," he has had a change of heart towards the song. Awesome.


  1. The scrabble tiles are down?? Nooooo!

    And I prefer the Cake version as well. Rhett's got good taste. Now are you just impressed that I know enough about music to know and like a Cake version? ;)

  2. oh it's so cute! i remember when my boys were littler (like rhett and ollie) and their room was cute and nice. now it's just a mess - even when they are required to clean it frequently. sigh, what's a mom to do.

    anyways, off my tangent, their room is so lovely! the bunk bed looks great. hopefully ollie will get used to it and just stay in his bed. :)

    and i'm so sad about the scrabble tiles, too! seriously, you got to find a place for them - the play-room? somewhere, they are too awesome.

  3. Their room is so cute. But I have to agree with everyone have to find a place for the scrabble tiles! I love those!

    And I'm glad you're teaching Rhett to listen to good music. :)