Monday, March 4, 2013

This Weekend We...

...rearranged the boys' room (pictures Wednesday).

...ran twelve miles (well, maybe that was "I" and not "we").

...went to Target and bought some needed and wanted things.

...went to the library and played with this awesome sand table. (Do you think we can make one?)


...went on a bowling triple date (I got a 103!) and losers bought us McDonald's ice cream cones. (Have I mentioned that I like them?)

...had the missionaries for dinner (they tasted good). Jokes. We ate chili, corn bread, lime chips, and banana cream pie.

...baked these cookies. They're the only chocolate chip cookies I don't ruin.

When it is the weekend again?


  1. You're an awesome bowler! Marc was impressed!

    And your blog makes me hungry.

  2. oh man, i'm so jealous - what a great weekend! we did pretty much not much. i'll live my weekends through you. :) although we did have the missionaries for lunch - ours were good, too. :) elder lopez is great and was super excited to see your christmas photo on our fridge - of course i still have it up. :) (let's see how many smiley faces i can put in here . . .:)

    super cool sand table!!!

    love the cookies! i need to make them again.

    can't wait to see the boys' room.

  3. wow, good for you! I'm sure you could make the table since you already made another awesome one, right?

    yes, can't wait to see the boys room!

  4. The weekend sounds just PERFECT.

    I'm going to have to try the cookie recipe. THANKS.