Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's a Miracle

My boys, yes MY BOYS, slept until 7:30 a.m. this morning. It's a freakin' miracle, I tell you. It may have something to do with the red-eye flight we took Tuesday night, but I'll take it. 7:30 a.m. people--even after a regular-time bedtime. I'm still in shock. And quite-well rested!

Something big is happening to me today, so bear with me as I don't post for a bit.


  1. I am THRILLED for you that your boys slept in. What an awesome treat! Where were all of you on a red-eye flight?!

    Excited to here what the big news is! In the meantime, I'll miss your posts!

  2. yay! so cool. one morning (a saturday) i had gotten up, read some scriptures, went on an 8-mile run and came home by 8. and everyone just getting out of their beds. it was insanity. of course it doesn't happen ever on a sunday - my only true "sleep-in" day.

    love the picture! i want to see and hear more of your trip. it looks awesome.

  3. I hope all goes well, I'l be thinking about you and bored silly running!!

  4. 7:30? What a dream! Awesome, awesome, awesome!

    Good luck today too! I'll be missing your posts!


    I THOUGHT Fred slept through the night last night and I was SOOO excited but Collin said that he actually woke up once...AND I DIDN'T HEAR!!! (That's even better news than him sleeping through the night, hahahahah!) So I almost had a fulln ight's sleep myself (besides waking up to pee!)