Friday, June 14, 2013

The Failed Experiment

After weeks of being woken up in the five o'clock hour, Chuck and I were done. DONE. Something had to change because we couldn't go on this way. We decided that maybe the kids really did need a later bedtime, as much as it killed us. For almost all of May, we put the boys down about an hour later than normal (eight versus seven). This was ridiculously hard for us. I mean, what do you do with your kids after seven o'clock? We didn't know. It was hard. But we wanted to give it a real go because we really wanted to sleep past 5:30.

But guess what? Major fail. The boys went to bed later, but got up no later, resulting in a sleep loss. They were cranky; we were cranky. It was horrible.

So now we're back to the seven o'clock bedtime. Sounds good, no? Unfortunately it's not been great. Ollie has somehow realized that he can climb up to Rhett's bunk. For the past three weeks (seems like three million weeks--yep, that's right--more than 56,000 years), one of us (cough, cough CHUCK) has had to stay in that room and pluck off Ollie from his ascent. So even though we've been putting them down at seven, they're still not going to bed until eight. Can someone remind me why we had kids?

A couple of times we've left before Ollie was fully asleep. This is what happens:

During naptime I don't bother staying in there. This is what happens then:

As of composing this, it seems to be getting better. Ollie has realized that we're just not going to let him climb up there. Tuesday night I was in there for only 10 minutes. Maybe we're turning a corner?!


  1. Ah! That sounds so rough! I cannot believe they don't sleep later! Although maybe it's because they have never really fallen asleep until 8 anyways, even when you do put them down at 7? Well, I know that when my kids go to bed at 9 (or later) they DEFINITELY sleep later! So maybe you should push 8 pm to 9 pm? ;) Hahahaha! KIDDING! You know that right?!

    Also, I'm sorry, but seeing Ollie on the top bunk cuddling pig is melting my heart. A.dor.a.ble.

    Good luck with all this training! I really hope Ollie 'gets it' and stays in bed! Maybe for him it takes 4-5, not 3 weeks to form a good habit?

    Can I watch the boys one time so you can take a mid-day nap? I highly recommend it!

  2. Sounds like our house! We've had many EARLY mornings where all 3 kiddos are up at 5:00. Not fun! And by 10:00 everyone is melting down. We too have tried the later bedtime and our kids don't sleep in either! We try to get them to stay in their bed until 7:00, but it never happens. So basically, I feel your pain. I do agree with the midday nap. It's how I survive these days!

  3. =( I hate when kids wake up early. It ruins everything! I used to have to put a baby gate on Traci's door and leave a banana where she could reach because I am just not a morning person. Now that Carmen is older the girls play with each other when they wake up instead of attacking me right away. Hopefully Ollie and Rhett will get there soon!

  4. Oh man!! Kids, sleeping, parenting...all slightly (or totally) maddening! Oh man such funny cute sleeping Ollie pictures. Good luck and good job!!

  5. so mom was saying the ladder is connected and a vital part of the bunk. i was hoping you could just remove it each night . . . which of course you would have already tried if you could! what about blocking it off somehow so that you or chuck don't have to stay in there? of course i don't know how, exactly, you could do that. but i'm sure we could think of something.

    that would drive me nuts.

    do the kids get out of their rooms that early and get you? can they just stay and play quietly? i forget - do you sleep on the same floor as them? as in, floor level. is it maybe too hot, too cold that they awaken?

    i'm just trying to think of something b/c that's a total bummer. my kids get up early (sometimes not so much), but are really good about not coming down until 7. i can deal with that.

    but, of course, if all else fails, time and age won't. so don't totally give up.

    1. right--no ladder. i don't know how to block it off but still keep it so rhett can get up and down. and they are good at staying in their rooms until 6:30. we're downstairs, but hear them through the monitor. i'm usually up before they are; it's more for them that i want them to sleep later.

  6. I totally feel your pain. Both my boys were going to bed at 8pm and getting up in the five o'clock hour. I put up dark drapes to block the sun and now Judah sleeps til maybe six but not Asher! That kid, ugh! I can't handle a bedtime later then 9pm for them so I'm not sure what to do. If you figure it out, please let me know!