Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Really, People. Really?!

Three "REALLY?!" moments I'd like to share. I know the answer to only one of the three.

1. Really? Who steals a debit card number and uses it to buy stuff from a department store, a stereo store, and take-out? Who are these people who think it's okay to spend $1,600 of someone else's money on whatever they want? Who are these people that actually know how to do it?

2. Really? Who has a party at a local park only to leave 40-50 empty plastic water bottles scattered on the basketball court? Who is too lazy to walk to one of three close, empty trash cans to get rid of their bottles? Who thinks they're too good to do so?

3. Really? Who has the two cutest boys in the world? (Nope, not really a Really? question, but just an excuse to put in a picture of my boys. We went to the zoo, and Rhett insisted on wearing this shirt. Then he insisted on taking a picture of me doing this exact thing. I'll spare you.)


  1. 1. so stupid!

    2. so stupid!

    3. :). they are the cutest. they even match with their colors. so cool. great shirt for the zoo, rhett!

  2. Oh dear -- does that mean your debit card number was stolen? If so, that stinks and I'm sorry you had to deal with that. :(

  3. No, did the debit card happen to you?????? And yes two cutest boys!!! I want to see your picture.

  4. Completely agree with emily.

    SO stupid and FRUSTRATING and WRONG

    you know the rest!!!