Monday, June 17, 2013

What is Chuck Up To?

Today marks the return to full-time work for me. It therefore marks the return of Chuck to full-time SAHD-hood. (It's short-lived, however, as tomorrow evening we head west for a family reunion.) What will Chuck do all summer, you ask? Among the kid-watching, grocery shopping, and house cleaning, THIS.

Yes, it is what it looks like. Can you believe this thing is in my house? I can. I know one of my faults is "ranking hobbies." Clearly running and sewing are superior to gaming, right? RIGHT. [ End sarcasm font.] So I'm trying to overcome that fault by supporting my husband. He built this (from a kit), did all the programming (not from a kit), and set it up. He also believes he'll make more friends. In adapted words from Field of Dreams, "If Chuck builds it, they will come." We'll see.


  1. umm....jason will be over as soon as he sees this picture!

  2. wow, that's pretty impressive! i probably couldn't even play the thing, let alone build it and put it together. nice job chuck.

    do your boys think it's cool?

  3. oh man, good luck going back to work. And have fun in Utah... I wish I could see you guys so badly!!!! I'll be there in September.

    AND HOLY AWESOME, Chuck. Good for you for trying to be supportive.

  4. seriously impressive! nice going chuck.

  5. Oh WOW!!!!! Lucky boys indeed. While the cat is away the mice will play! ;)