Friday, August 16, 2013

O Canada, Avec les Pictures

Okay, okay. I'll do a Canada post with pictures.

Niagara was my hands-down favorite of our week-long trip. Per Rhett's usual, he loved it as soon as it was over (and the danger was gone).

While I was gone during the day to my statistical conference (you know you all are jealous), Chuck took the boys to the insect museum...

...and these super cool gardens...

...and a science museum...

...and a hockey hall of fame.

We all made it to this church.

And we ate a fancy French dinner.

On the way back we stopped in Hershey, since it was right in our way.


See, Mom? I remembered some of my high school French! Also this: Ou est la bibliotheque?


  1. everything looks super cool! love it! crazy gardens - crazy cool.

    did rhett's hat come with his french entree? :)

    can you actually buy that chocolate bar?

    where is the library? the school? something like that?

    1. yes. the bar is $40, i think. library!

  2. oh mannnnn what a fun trip!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE HERSHEY! Did you go anywhere else besides Chocolate World? I want to go there and come visit you!!
    Love Nikki