Friday, August 2, 2013

All About Me Week: Things I Made

Even though most nights I want to be asleep by nine p.m., I've been able to get a couple of projects done. Like these Santa napkin holders. We had some growing up (although ours looked more like this), so of course I have to have my own now, right? Tutorial here.

Instead of just letting my medals turn into toys and then get lost (like my first Ragnar medal), I thought I'd make a little holder. I painted it, cut the vinyl, and put in the tea cup holders. And because wood projects are not my forte, I'm pretty pleased. Now to run another half just for another medal. Copied from here.

My mom requested a bag to go on her handlebars for when she's biking. You know, to carry her wallet in case she sees anything at garage sales. Re-created from this bag.

And Ollie's birthday shirt. I love the turquoise. (I re-created this after seeing something similar on Etsy.)

A friend at church is having twin boys. She also happens to love riding motorcycles. So even though she's having a diaper shower, I had to do something else. It's not much, but still fun, right? (I re-created this after seeing something similar on Etsy.)

And finally, another friend is having her second baby. She and her husband, who needs to blog more, are the champion baby wearers, in my opinion. So I knew child #1 had to be able to wear his own. And wear his own he shall. Tutorial from here.


  1. Stinkin' adorable projects! Good work! Especially love the bike bag, onesies, and mei tei wrap.

  2. dang, you are so good. all of it is just so adorable and awesome. i can't wait to see ollie rockin' his shirt.

    the wood project turned out super fantastic.

  3. INSPIRING. Seriously so cool! Love everything!

  4. oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!!!!!! I'm so excited to get that awesome wrap.
    Freddie will love it!!!! hehe thank you! We just got a slip for a package at the post office! Can't wait!

  5. so impressive! man, i feel pathetic when you whip up all sorts of cool stuff, which is quite often! need some motivation! maybe this is it?! ;)