Wednesday, August 14, 2013

O Canada, Sans les Pictures

Our trip was okay. My body continued to hurt and only got worse. But the boys gallivanted by day and (mostly) slept at night. For me, the highlight was definitely Niagara. But since typing is still pretty painful and I have not yet uploaded pictures from my camera, this will be a short, words-only post, in the form of a quiz.

1. You are driving on a Canadian highway. The sign says Montreal is 412 km, how many miles away is Montreal?

2. You are now getting gas in Canada. The price is labeled as 1.335 Canadian dollars per litre. How many U.S. dollars per gallon is this?

3. While still on the way to Montreal, you pass a sign that gives the population of Hamilton, Ontario as 519,949. How many people in America is that?

P.S. Uh, why did none of my loved ones give me this as a baby shower gift? It almost makes me want to have another baby. Sike.

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