Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What's the Opposite of Juicy?

Sorry, but I got nothing juicy. Not a darn thing. This post is just random goings-on, pretty much the exact opposite of juicy.

I'm a little depressed about getting old and never having a body that feels 100%. (Note: I did not say that I expect to have a body that feels like a 19-year-old body. Just one that doesn't hurt. You know, one that can spray a can of Pam.) Doctors don't really know what's wrong, but I'm supposed to start doing some physical therapy. Sweet.

I'm anxious about Rhett starting kindergarten on Monday. On Friday we find out who his teacher will be. Already I have my questions: How does school lunch work? Where do we pick him up at the end of the day? You know, the usual first-time-parent-of-a-kindergartner things.

Related: Whatever am I going to do with Ollie all day?! Whatever did I do with Rhett at this age?!

I'm ready for fall. Last week's foray into fall-ish weather was so mean. Then again, the warmth today is enabling us to go to an awesome little splash pad place.

I bought some totally awesome trays that look like the trays school lunch is served in. We'll do a school-themed dinner on Sunday night. But what to serve? I'm thinking tater tots would be good. I must find individual milk cartons. What else? (None of this new-fangled local, organic school lunch ideas, please. Give me your best retro lunch. But tasty. Not meatloaf.)

Related: We made individual pizzas for dinner on Monday. It was so much fun. I got to have vegetables on mine. We might do this again just so I can have a pesto one.

Is anyone I know watching "Breaking Bad?" Man, this is one great show.

Funniest book we've ever checked out from the library. I'm still grinning about it.


  1. i just sent you an email of a dinner our stake president's wife did. she posted it on facebook and i thought it pretty clever.

    yeah, i don't know what lucy and i will do. right now she's been crying for 20 minutes b/c she doesn't want to wear what i got down for her. (emmy is at her K assessment/introduction today for a few hours . . .).

    i think rhett will love kindergarten! i can't wait to hear about it. and see some cute pictures, too.

  2. So does rhett have all day kindergarten? Molly goes for like 2 1/2 hrs. So kinda lame. Oh well.

    I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. That's the worst. And you aren't even old so you definitely should find a fix!

    Your school dinner sounds super cute. I just read a blog that did the same thing with all these decorations. Kind of made me think it was a bit much, but here's the link if you want:

  3. yep--full day here in MD! crazy. 2.5 hours isn't even preschool length. that's nuts.

    i saw that post! those decorations were a bit over the top, especially since i'm thinking more of a napoleon-dynamite type of school lunch. but it did have some cute ideas. thanks nicole!

  4. Fun idea, I love the school-lunch themed dinner! If it were me I would do homemade mac & cheese (maybe with chicken in it), tater tots, and peas. Because that's what my kids would eat (maybe).

    Did you make your own crust for the pizzas? I'm cannot find a pizza crust recipe I like...

  5. oh and I hope the PT helps. It did help Brady quite a bit (at first) so hopefully it will work wonders for you. And I bet Rhett will love kindergarten! Although I understand the anxiety. I'm also anxious about Henry starting kindergarten and that's not for another two years! Ha!