Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I wasn't nervous about Rhett's first day, even though I was nervous for "mine." Rhett usually does well with new things, but then not-so-well once they're not new. So maybe Friday will be different. But I'm happy to report that Monday went great. The whole family walked him to school (after the mandatory photo shoot) and and then into school. We waited outside his door until the teacher opened it up, we all hugged him goodbye, and then watched him walk right into his kindergarten room. Eek!

Ollie and I had a bunch of errands to run and food to cook, so I was busy all day. This was certainly not my choice for my first "free nap time" in years, but I plan on making up for that today. I did have a mini-heart attack when the phone rang and caller ID alerted me it was Rhett's school. But fortunately there was no crisis: just a recorded message from the principal telling us that our kindergartners were doing well and learning and having fun without us. That did not make me feel good! Well, I guess it did. But it also didn't.

And then at 3:30 we were outside his door waiting to get him. Just like that, his first day of school was over. He couldn't tell me much about it (boy? five-year-old? combination of both?), but he did seem to really enjoy it. He already knows two kids in his class thanks to neighbors and church, so I'm pretty sure that helps. But like I said, we'll see how he feels on Friday.

Eating our "school lunch" dinner Sunday night. This was the first time the boys had tater tots. They pretty much loved them.

Putting the hand print on the shirt.

Wearing the shirt. I think it's still just a bit big. When compared to last year, his hand was a lot bigger!

The kindergartner!


  1. super fantastic pictures! what a cute kindie you've got. :) (is kindie something i just made up?)

    what's up with his one-legged pose, though? just curious. it's pretty fabulous.

    you guys all look great! i hope rhett still likes it come friday. emmy just wanted to stay home today and play with her new birthday toys. :) but she went and was good about it.

  2. Kindergarten? Seriously? How did this happen so fast? It feels like just yesterday he was playing with Baby Momma at playgroup! Good job on being so chill about kindergarten. I hope you get some fabulous alone time during Ollie's naps.

  3. He is the CUTEST little guy. I'm happy to hear you BOTH survived!!!

  4. I thought Rhett was a little scholar from day 1. :) Enjoy the change - 1 kid to 1 parent now! Wow!