Friday, April 11, 2014

Ah, the Joys of Other Peoples' Kids

Gotta love sending your kids to school (or anywhere, for that matter, where other kids exist) so they can learn new "things." Apparently the other kids were teaching my son a bad word.

Rhett: Mom, what does "seckiladi" mean?
Me: Seckiladi? Seckiliadi? [Wracking my brain...] Seckiladi? Oooh, do you mean, "Sexy Lady?"
Rhett: Yes!

I did finally come up with something, delivered in a hopefully-non-teasing, educational manner. It still makes me laugh.

P.S. Sorry to those of who have already heard this story. I didn't make time for new material.


  1. how awesome is that. and, yes, my boys think "sexy" is a bad word. not a swear word, but bad. perhaps the kids got it from that "gum gum style" song? so funny.

  2. Ha ha. I want to know what you told him! Molly learned about the "I'm sexy and I know it" song at preschool last year. She liked to sing it and we had to tell her that it wasn't completely appropriate ;)

  3. Can never get enough of the seckiladi!

  4. laughing now…..I want to hear what you told him……...