Wednesday, April 30, 2014

More on the Camper

Let's talk more about the camper Chuck and I think we would like to own. Why do we even want one? Am I turning soft? What has happened to me?! To be honest, I'm not 100% sure what the appeal is. I think mostly it's a desire to get out of the yucky elements. Humidity here is a killer. Don't believe me? Come visit us in July; you'll see. And this humidity means our summer nights only drop to temperatures in the 80s, with high humidity. This is not ideal for camping...or anything. So in my head, I feel like a camper would help with this (many have air conditioning!). Also, it rains a lot here. Rain, whether at home or camping, stresses me out. But if we had a trailer, I wouldn't be so worried. We could hang out in there and play Scrabble at the table without worrying about when we'd start to get Lake Tent. And I would be lying if I didn't admit that they are just cool, right?!

We went to Frederick to look at two types: the tear-drop trailer and the pop-up. Turns out the tear drop trailer is way too small for our family. They are super cute, however. See here if you don't believe me. Besides being way too small, they weigh too much. Our car can pull 1,500 pounds, and no way are we upgrading to something bigger. Even if we went with one of the smallest models, the boys would be tenting it outside, while we fetal-positioned-it inside. Not optimal.

Enter the pop-ups. My family had one growing up. (I'm pretty sure my Mom is going to love that I'm posting this picture.) We pulled this bad boy all over. My parents still speak fondly of their pop-up days. I speak fondly of my brothers' socks. You can't even make jokes about how cute my sister and I were.

But again, these things are just too heavy. Those that they're making these days have so many things (toilet, A/C, foot shower) that they weigh a minimum of 1,500 pounds. So, uh no. Plus, I have to admit, these still feel like tents to me. With the soft walls, I feel like I'm in my tent. And why would I pay thousands of dollars to go from a tent to...a tent? I don't think I will.

So then we started searching for lightweight camper trailers. What did we find? THESE. (See inside pics here.) We love them. They are lighter. They are solid. They fit all four of us inside. They are cute. Can you just imagine the sweet curtains I would make for inside? I can. Of course they're crazy expensive and we're not even hundred-thousand-aires (not that they cost that much). So we'll probably remain tent people until we're really old and become motel people. Then again, you never know what will show up on Craigslist.


  1. Those do look awesome! I remember thinking my parents had gone soft when they bought a camping trailer back in the day, ha. But now of course I can totally see the appeal...especially out here with the weather being what it is in the summer. And especially with as much camping as you guys do. Hopefully something perfect shows up on craigslist! You never know!

  2. love the picture. :) don't give up yet - something might work out one day. you know, like dad's winning lottery ticket?