Friday, April 4, 2014

Random Thoughts

Do you put things on hold at your library? I do. And I hate when two come at once, because then I have only three weeks to read two books. That's asking a lot for me.

Do any of you watch "The Walking Dead?" We do. I found this season so much better than last.

Do you know that I eat my kids' large-sized crumbs? Do you do it too? The other day I picked up a crumb that I thought was banana bread, but once it was in my mouth I became pretty sure it was a dog treat. Do you think I'll do that again? (Probably.)

It's official: I am totally gullible.

Are you the type of person that if given a work desk, you'd put a bowl of candy on it? I am definitely not, for obvious reasons. But I love you if you are. I especially love you if you work in my office and you do this.

This would have been a pretty good Facebook status update for me for April Fools Day: "Just finishing ironing my sheets. Off to warm the plates in the oven for dinner!" (Note: I ignored the apostrophe in "Fools" because I just don't know where it's supposed to go. Fool's? Fools'? Pretty sure it's not Fo'ols, even though that would be pretty cool.)

Do you know that the Postal Museum is surprisingly cool?! Surprise, right? And did you know that my office and the Postal Museum share a building? AND did you know, that until last Saturday, I'd never been to the museum? After more than nine years of working where I work, not once had I stepped in there. Pathetic. But I admit: it probably won't happen again soon. I like reading the paper at lunch and, well, during the rest of the day I'm actually working. And at the end of the day, I just want to go home. Until I get home, and then I want to run away screaming.


  1. 1. sometimes i do. but usually it's only 1 thing and so i don't get in to your trouble . . . :)

    2. nope. :)

    3. hahaha, done that. will most likely, like you, do it again.

    4. funny

    5. i wouldn't. . . for same reason as you . . .

    6. :)

    7. cool!

    Love the stamp! So fun!

  2. Love your blog and posts. Makes me happy! And makes me laugh.
    1. Yes I do. But Davis county is WAY worse than SLC county library. It is so slow. I put a book on hold and get it in 4 months if it's new :( But I still do it.
    2. No.
    3. Of course I eat their crumbs. And that's another reason I don't want a dog! ;)
    4. I used to work and didn't have a bowl of no? Although I would appreciate those who did as well!

    And no, I didn't know about the Postal Museum! Glad you finally checked it out!
    This is cousin Nicole FYI...because it won't let me switch my account!