Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wedding Quilt

It may sound weird, but most of the time when I am making stuff, it's because I was inspired. Not in the church-y way, but rather, I see something that speaks to me in some way. Maybe it tells me something about to whom it should be gifted, or for what purpose, or maybe I just think it's adorable and I must have it.

So when I'm searching for specific gifts, it's often hard. The timing has to be just right. As you may recall, my brother was married this past September. Sadly, I was not inspired as to their gift until recently when I saw this pattern for sale. It immediately spoke to me as something I could make for Derek and Renee. Ever the spendthrift as well as DIY-er, I thought I'd save the six bucks (six dollars? seriously, self?) and come up with the pattern on my own (cough, cough, with Chuck's help). Which I/we did. I picked the colors to speak to the trees and snow that are their environment. I guess I should have added some grey in there for the mountains, but I didn't. It's small, less than four square feet, so it won't take up too much space, and I even added a sleeve so they can hang it, should they desire.

And for a bit of personalization, I appliqued an Alaska, heart near where they live, and date. And yes, of course all mistakes were intentional. Ha.


  1. I love it- it's darling! I especially love the state shape on the back, what a nice touch!!

  2. so love!!!!! have you sent it?

  3. LOVE it too, I don't know either of them well, or R at all, but it seems VERY fitting. So thoughtful and beautiful and functional. ;)