Friday, March 6, 2015

And On the Seventh Snow Day...

Today marks our seventh snow day of the year (due to yesterday's near 9" of snow). This makes three more days than planned, so who knows what that does to the end of the year. We'll probably be in school until the 4th of July. On the plus side, I'm getting really good at filling snow days. It helps when Chuck is home (like yesterday). It doesn't help when Chuck only has a delay (like today).

His first air catch! Notice Ollie just standing there watching him from the sidelines. He was NOT a happy snow boy yesterday.

But it's March. Let's be done with this, shall we? I want to wear flip flops.


  1. Well, sorry, but it does look like fun! But, yes, 7 snow days would be a little tough! It's so crazy. My kids (7 and under) freak when they get snow all over their faces! It is pretty cold, I guess. :) Hang in there today!

    Do you do maple syrup over snow for a treat? I remember that from our days in Virginia . . .

  2. P.S. It is the perfect action shot! Go Rhett!