Friday, March 27, 2015

I Like My Family Again

Please excuse Monday's outburst. Is it just me, or does your family go through ups and downs? Yeah, I thought it was just me. So in my house, we go through our up times, and then we go through our down times. Right now just seems to be a down time interspersed with some good days. Why so down?

Ollie: This child is going through his "How-far-can-I-push-my-Mom-and-Dad" stage, and it's hard. He doesn't want to listen to anything and wants to obey even less. He's fully given up naps (except at the babysitter's house), and just cannot stay in his room for quiet time. He's out of control at bedtime, making it hard for Rhett to enjoy reading. He loves destroying everything that Rhett builds, which doesn't end well for anyone. On the upside, the kid is just adorable. His super red cheeks and big smile get me every time.

Rhett: This child is going through his "I'm-smarter-than-both-of-my-parents-who-have-never-taught-me-anything" stage. And he's super disrespectful to people and objects alike. He back talks incessantly. Also, the poor child still has no inclination to learn how to calm down and the littlest things can reduce him to tears. He and Ollie haven't been getting along very well lately and so that's been hard because usually they play pretty well together. On the upside, he's seven! He's interesting and thoughtful and is turning into a great reader.

I've been at this mom thing for enough years (again, SEVEN!, so I'm totally a pro) to know that although this is a hard time, there are still moments of good. I'm certain that soon we'll be back in an easy time, with moments of bad. It's just the process, no?

P.S. I just did a google search on "time series graphs" to see if there was one that showed how my life is graphically, and wow! There are so many cool graphs out there, folks.

P.P.S. Happy happy birthday, emily!


  1. Oh man, I hear ya on the ups and downs. We've had a rough while. I've wanted to get all our ducks in a row and have a super solid routine before baby comes and messes us all up, but just haven't had the energy. I've made some improvements, but I'm not where I wanted to be and now we've got 5 weeks left! I hope you get more ups than downs soon!

  2. Uh, yeah, we all go through ups and downs. Personally, family, over-all life, etc., etc. Sometimes I think numerically the downs far outweigh the ups, but the ups are oh-so-worth the downs.

    The boys sound like they are testing you for sure. Good luck - I hope you pass. I often fail at Miles' tests, but I'm trying to at least get by with a D+.

    Oh, yeah, I meant to comment on your comment about me being a parent expert. Are you kidding? I know nothing and barely squeak by! But, yes, the every-4-year-birthday-party plan is pretty great. (Not that I thought of it personally . . .)

    Thanks for the birthday wish. :)