Monday, March 30, 2015

What's New...

Hmmm...what's new?

Well about three weeks ago, we got rid of the convertible car seat we used for Ollie. We bought one more booster seat for him (he then had the new one and Rhett's old one) and two backless booster seats for Rhett. This has been semi-thrilling. Why? We no longer have to trade cars (we no longer have a "kid car"). What this means for Chuck and me is that we don't have to continually adjust the seats and mirrors as we shuffle between cars. It's amazing.

What else...the boys got sick this weekend for the first time all winter. Awesome that we made it this far with no sickness; not awesome that we had sickness. Ollie puked twice Friday morning but then seemed to fully recover. He acted fine, ate fine. But late, late Saturday night, he puked...A LOT. I think Rhett was feeling jealous of the attention we gave Ollie, so he "pretended" to be sick. Sigh. Although, in his defense, Rhett didn't eat much Sunday. (Update: he puked Monday morning, so maybe not the big faker I thought.)

My parents are coming in a couple of weeks! It's been nearly four years since they've been here, so we're excited to spent time with them. We're definitely headed to Udvar-Hazy and the Library of Congress, but not sure on the rest.

We went to a friend's son's baptism on Saturday. I was extra observant, knowing we face the same thing next year. So if anyone wants to come for Rhett's baptism, put it on your calendar now! His birthday is nicely situated around spring break (near Easter), so I'm sure it'll be convenient. We'd love to have you.

I have a very bad feeling that D.C. is going to go straight from winter to summer and skip spring entirely. Sautrday the boys rode their bikes while Chuck and I walked and it started SNOWING. Flurries, yes, but still. Snow. March 28th. Ugh. I just want to go for a run with no gloves and hat. Is that too much?! (And really, that's not all I want. I also want a spring that lasts until July 31. And then fall can begin on August 1. That's all--I promise.)


  1. Ok, the carseat thing is really exciting. We just need to be rid of Jackson's ginormous seat and then that will be a happy day.
    Can't believe you are getting snow still! Mother Nature totally forgot that the west needs snow, not the east. Hopefully she figures spring out for you guys :)
    Molly gets baptized this year too, but nothing fancy at all, seeing as we live in UT and it's a stake thing. But I am looking forward to not having to produce a video of her pics throughout her life as I don't know how :( Phew!

  2. so glad that rhett puked. :)

    hopefully you'll get a lovely spring and then hop in to fall weather! :)

    yay for a visit from mom and dad. super fun!