Monday, March 9, 2015

Stuff I Made

It just hit me that I never posted about the Christmas gifts I made, or the few things I've made this year. So here's me catching up.

Bowl covers for a sister-in-law for Christmas. I love using the binding for finishing. Plus, I lined them with PUL so they're easily cleaned. Tutorial here.

Cute little purses for two nieces. I love these. I want one in my size. Tutorial here.

Tokyo subway cross-stitch pillow cover. This was for my parents for Christmas. Remember they served a mission in Tokyo?

Ah, Slither, our new door snake. Necessary because Ollie broke the old. I love that it's a snake. Tutorial here.

As much as I like Ollie's old backpack, it was clear that this was the superior tutorial. So right before we went to Arizona, I whipped this up. It's made with heavier material and is a bit bigger. I am in love with that Ed Emberley and his fabric.

A friend had a baby last year and I never made her anything (probably because it wasn't her first baby...or her second. I get lazy on those subsequent children). Terrible. But then I remembered this cute tutorial and remedied my bad manners. And yes, I took these pictures on snow. It's much better than my dirty carpet.

Another friend had another non-first child and I remedied that. While I've used lots of tutorials from Dana at Made, I've never bought one of her patterns...until now. I'm thinking Ollie needs a reversible vest. Hmmmm.....


  1. love, love, love it all. the girls love their purses. they are just about the cutest little purses i've seen. super cool reversible!

    did mom and dad get the pillow without you telling them?

    the bowl covers are super cool; i need to make me some. did you make mom some?

    at our house, slither would just become a toy. it would never stay and do the job he is supposed to do. :)

  2. Stinkin' cute. Too bad I'm your friend and get the benefit of your talents, otherwise I would suggest you make some money off your mad skillz!

  3. oh my gosh oh my gosh I love that little dress/diaper cover!!! and all of it! you're amazing!!

  4. seriously. your skills are so impressive. And Afton looks stinkin' adorable in that dress!