Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wacky Wednesday

Did you like the "Wacky Wednesday" book as a child? I did. Do you now dislike the "Wacky Wednesday" book because reading it to your kids takes FOREVER? I do. Either way, it isn't part of our home library (which means I've never seen it at our local thrift store) so I checked it out recently for "Mom and Ollie" preschool's W day. How was I to know that not just a couple of weeks later, I would have my own truly Wacky Wednesday?!

Can you find four things wrong in this picture? Click to enlarge. (Of course I didn't see these things all in my family room exactly, but the fact that I saw them at all was pretty WACKY!)

1. Vegetables! Ones that I might actually eat! There is an amazing grocery store that is sadly too far north for regular grocery shopping. But for grocery shopping while the kids are at already-too-far-north vacation Bible school, it's perfect! And their produce is incredible.

2. Three helicopters! I even saw them cross over me three or four times while out and about. I guess they were doing some training exercise. And no, they weren't the ones my dad flew, but of course I had to use his in the image.

3. The SWAT team! Again, thankfully not in my family room, but I saw police and an FBI SWAT team approach a house (and bang on its door!) while I was running that morning. Despite multiple google searches, I still have no idea what they were doing.

4. Star Crunch! These snacks are the northern white rhinos of the Little Debbie world: super rare. But my genius husband found out that they are for sale at a grocery store at which we never shop. Until now.

P.S. My missionary parents started another mission blog from exotic Frankfurt, Germany. Check it out here. Go parents!

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